1966 to 2000

Due to changes in ARA rules many events were reclassified in 1972 and the two Schools events dropped. However, events for Junior 16 and Junior 15 eights were re-introduced in 1983. A further change in the ARA rules in 1988 again caused another re-alignment of events. From 1975 to 1979, events for Quadruple sculls and coxed pairs were offered. The coxed pairs only attracted three entries in 1975 and none in 1976 so were dropped. Quadruple sculls were slightly more popular, but never attracted more than three entries and so were dropped in 1980. The Regatta was perhaps a little ahead of its time, since Senior Open Quads were again offered in 1991, followed by Junior Quads, which replaced Junior Coxed fours, in 1992. Both these events are now well supported.Marlow Regatta in 1980

To celebrate the Centenary of the Thames Amateur Rowing Council an additional event for Sprint Eights, racing over a 500m course from Bisham Church to the Finish was organised in 1982. This proved popular with both crews and spectators and was retained in the programme along with a further sprint event for Senior 2 Eights. Both these events were only open to crews racing in the longer distance events. These changes met with the approval of the crews since the record entry of 246 crews was achieved in 1993.

In 2000, a proposal backed by the Committee, to move the Regatta from the Thames at Marlow to the purpose built multi-lane Eton Rowing Course, under construction at Dorney Lake, was put to the Subscribers. The Committee's view being that new courses were being planned or built in several locations and that top class crews would no longer wish to compete on the traditional river courses. Its view was confirmed since there was no race for the Grand Eights Challenge cup at the 2000 Regatta through lack of entries.