1913 to 1933

In 1914 the school fours were re-established and a referendum of schools confirmed that this event should be rowed "on fixed seats not more than 8" wide."

Marlow Regatta in 1919
There were no regattas in the War years 1915-18 and the 1919 event was the first post war regatta on the Thames. It was styled the Victory Regatta and there were events for Allied Forces VIIIs and Allied Forces IVs. The programme rather poignantly, also shows crews from St.Dunstan (Blinded Officers B.C.) who were coxed by their sighted nurses. It was this year that the Finish line was moved from just above Marlow suspension bridge to a point within Higginson Park, to eliminate some of the effect of the final bend. Both Start and Finish were moved about 250 yards upstream.

During the years between the Wars, entries steadily increased. In 1921 the Junior Senior fours became a Senior fours event. In 1924 racing on the Friday evening had to be introduced. In 1929 the restriction of the Town Cup to local Clubs was dropped and it became a Wyfold class event. In 1931 the School Eights event was started for school second eights and it is interesting that heats had to be rowed on the Friday evening as the school doctors were adamant that schoolboys must not be allowed to row more than two races in one day.

Prior to 1933 the regatta enclosure was very low lying and liable to flood but in that year the Committee arranged for the land to be raised and £96 was paid to the "Unemployment Relief Committee", which organised the work.

Thanks to a recent donation by R.C. Sowerby we now have a 1924 Daily Telegraph press release (see   & , plus 1924 & 1929  regatta programmes. Both programmes have been completed with results of the races and one looks to have been signed by a crew.


1924 Officials

1924 Marlow Regatta Officials

1929 Officials